Life is no fairytale. Anyone who grew up in the ghetto can attest to that. The violence, the drugs, the broken families. We’ve all heard the stories. To succeed, one must have perseverance, toughness, and most importantly, determination. A lack of any one of these traits can turn a life full of promise into a life of shortcomings.

Now, before we go any further, let me be clear: I have never sold drugs of any sort. I have never robbed anyone, or participated in any illegal activity. I am in no way a gangster or a thug, nor do I claim to be. In fact, the one time I was arrested was because of a suspended license, for which I spent three days in jail. I am a college graduate (BA in Economics). I’m a homeowner. I have no children (yes, that means no baby-mamas) and at the present time, I work a legitimate nine-to-five job. I provide all this information because I want any supporter of mine to know that I am a real person. No embellishment.

This is who I am.

Like many young black men, I was raised by my mother in a single parent home. Most of my childhood was spent in Gun Hill Houses, a housing project in the Bronx. Throughout my time there, I witnessed many shootouts, murders, robberies, etc. As my mother’s only child, I always felt loved. My mom did the best she could to shelter me from the harsh reality of our neighborhood, but being a single mom, or parent in general, is no easy task.

Despite my surroundings, I was always a creative, energetic child. From an early age, I loved the performing arts. Even back then I knew I would be doing something in the world of entertainment when I grew up. I participated in many talent shows, school plays and anything else where I could be on stage performing. Throughout elementary school I was consistently at the top of my class. I graduated fifth grade as my school’s valedictorian, and was accepted to De La Salle Academy, a school for gifted children in New York City. After two years, we moved further north to Westchester County, where I would eventually attend high school.

It was in high school where I joined a singing group with some of my friends. The group members changed a bit over the years – from three members, to five, then finally four of us. We went through as many name changes as we did band members! In all honesty, I think we were actually pretty good, though we never did quite reach our full potential. I could probably conjure up plenty of reasons as to why we didn’t, but I’m not into pointing fingers. I will say, however, that my experiences within the group helped to shape the person that I am today.

While a member of the group, I developed an affinity for the business side of entertainment – the marketing, promoting, budgeting, etc. I also taught myself how to record and mix vocals, capture and edit photos and videos (I’ve never had any formal training in any of these arenas). I also learned the ins and outs of the internet, which now as we all know, plays a vital role in any business’ success.

After five years with the group, I decided to take my life in a different direction. I re-enrolled into college (I dropped out earlier to pursue a career with the group) and began working full time. I’ve had a variety of jobs – UPS, Boston Market, mailroom clerk, project manager – just to name a few. No matter what the job, I’ve always worked hard, and that work ethic has followed me throughout my life.

Now, as CEO of VVS Entertainment, LLC, my goal is to create content that will move the world forward. I know this will not be an easy task, but as they say – there’s no progress without struggle. Success is an addiction, and I consider myself an addict.

I’ll meet you at the top!

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  1. im A Member Of WORLDCLASSBAND, & I RespeCt Dis 2 Da Fullest… Keep StrivinG My G & Always Stay Persistent… Its A Cold WorlD Out Chea! But Wen U Have A Goal & Dreams Dat U Wanna ReaCh Nuttin Else Matters.. Keep GrindinG Boii

  2. I just realized I’ve never responded to this posting! I love that you put yourself out there with the details of your life and showing that you are, in fact, a REAL person. I appreciate the fact that you detailed that you are in no way a gangter and that you started small and worked hard to get to where you are. Keep on griding and remain true to who you are and you’ll reach whatever goals you set for yourself!!

  3. def respect that…very few out here with your concept

  4. :-D MI LIKEY!!!!

  5. Very well written! I enjoyed it! Keep #WINNING :) CK

  6. Though I would like to, I cant say the same for myself. Salute for staying clear of the trap.

  7. This is where we are from… Murdaville Stand Up!

  8. I agree with Tai ^ …. Shows a lot to put yourself out there. Good luck!!

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