RECAP: Slowbucks $100,000 Competition

Recently, rising R&B star PLUTOCASH participated in a competition with SLOWBUCKS TV for chance at winning a $100,000 development deal. All contestants had to upload their video to the site ( and get people to sign up and vote for their video to win. Voters could sign in and vote once a day for the duration of the competition (4/1/11 – 6/30/11).

Two weeks before the end of the competition, we started to notice weird fluctuations with the vote tallies. Not only were some contestants’ votes going up rapidly within seconds, but they were also going DOWN – by THOUSANDS OF VOTES! Several emails were sent to SLOWBUCKS TV, including screenshots of what was happening. After a week of emailing and trying to reach them via Twitter, we finally received a response email from them. They told us that they were receiving heavy traffic to their site due to the competition coming to a close, and we should expect to see a delay in the vote tallies. They also wanted to make us aware of their “qualitative assurance and testing” of their voting system.

Although in 1st place for most of the competition, PLUTOCASH ultimately came in 2nd.

Below you will find screenshots taken over the final 36 hours of the competition:

June 29, 2011 @ 6:14 PM:


PLUTOCASH – 51,581

JLie – 51,441

Jeremiah Waalker – 27,016

Ace Boogy – 16,175

June 30, 2011 @ 12:09 AM:


1. PLUTOCASH – 52,066

2. Jeremiah Waalker – 27,016

3. Ace Boogy – 16,175

4. Kwame Young – 15,935

*JLie – 134 (Not in top ten for votes; 1st place in most views)

June 30, 2011 @ 7:07 AM:


1. JLie – 105,251

2. PLUTOCASH – 52,084

3. Jeremiah Waalker – 27,018

4. Ace Boogy – 16,177

June 30, 2011 @ 7:08 AM:


1. CHOS1N – 60,000,000

2. JLie – 105,251

3. PLUTOCASH – 52,085

4. Jeremiah Waalker – 27,018

5. Ace Boogy – 16,177

June 30, 2011 @ 9:12 AM:


1. JLie – 55,311

2. PLUTOCASH – 52,103

3. Jeremiah Waalker – 27,019

4. Ace Boogy – 16,177

June 30, 2011 @ 11:19 AM:


1. PLUTOCASH – 52,180

2. Jeremiah Waalker – 27,019

3. Ace Boogy – 16,175

4. Kwame Young – 15,936

*JLie – 136 (Not in top ten for votes; 1st place for views)

June 30, 2011 @ 12:00 PM:


1. JLie – 55,566

2. PLUTOCASH – 52,276

3. Jeremiah Waalker – 27,019

4. Ace Boogy – 16,177

July 1, 2011 @ 12:31 AM:


1. PLUTOCASH – 52,760

2. Jeremiah Waalker – 27,023

3. Ace Boogy – 16,184

4. Kwame Young – 15,941

*JLie – 149 (Not in top ten for votes; 1st place for views)



3 Comments to “RECAP: Slowbucks $100,000 Competition”

  1. I lost all respect for slow bucks. PLUTOCASH was leading the competition for a while then some funny shit started with the totals. The bottom line is he was robbed. It’s no doubt about his talent and you haven’t seen the last of him. As for the overnight winner if he’s even real your video shows no talent it was like a site seeing video.

  2. It’s so sad when people are so BLATANTLY dishonest. My thing is, Slowbucks MUST HAVE known who the winner was gonna be before even setting this competition up. There is no way that you could have been winning so far into the contest only to get “beaten” in the last few days. (he/they had to cheat to “win”)
    But you know what tho? When you’re on the cover of Forbes magazine and got BILLIONS in your bank account they will be NON MU’EFFIN FACTORS. Believe that!!! You get but so far with dishonesty and tryna scheme people… That is wack that it had to be done in such a coward way too. Ugh! I could go on forever but I digress :-D
    Keep on shining CA$H!!!!!!! xoxo

  3. That competition was obviously rigged – the winner seems to have been selected in advance of the competition. Not to take anything away from the ‘winner’ but as someone that voted consistently throughout the process, there is absolutely no way someone can attain the number of votes that was attained over such a short stint in the competition. I try hard not to be a conspiracy theorists but this thing was RIGGED!!!!! I was one of the people that sent an email to slowbucks, informing them of the things that I saw going on but ultimately received no response. I’m not sure if this was a way to get traffic to the site, to get new artists heard or what – but if it’s advertised as a competition, that is what it should be. I’m an adult and know life isn’t always fair…but c’mon son, let the REAL – vote chosen winner, be the winner!!! I say there must be some intimidation in the many undeniable talents of PLUTOCASH :-)

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