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October 4th, 2010

When Your Stylist Attacks

Dear Terrence J:

Wuzzzz goodie my dude! Congrats on surviving on 106th & Park for so long! I thought you and Rocsi were DOOMED at first :-/. Over the past few years I’ve noticed that you still haven’t found the right stylist yet. Your fits on the show are never really noteworthy, and lately Rocsi has really stepped her game up fashion-wise, exposing you for the lame that you truly are. I mean… do you even question what your so-called “stylist” brings for you to wear? Do you just put on WHATEVER someone lays out for you? Yes the jacket is Gucci, but the look is so 2008…

And are those Timberlands? *OFF YOURSELF*

October 4th, 2010

Shwood Ashland Sunglasses

For Fall/Winter 2010, Shwood introduces its aviator-inspired “Ashland” frame, which pays tribute to classic design while adding a unique twist to the traditional look. Made of East Indian Rosewood and equipped with mirrored and polarized lenses, the Ashland is stylish simplicity at its best.

$145 USD.