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August 9th, 2010

What Kind of Purse Is That?

The Darla Leather Tote by ChloƩ.

$1,995 USD.

August 9th, 2010

A Bathing Ape “BAPE” Classics Collection

For the fall, Bape is releasing the Classics Collection – a collection of some of their signature pieces from over the last ten years. The drop includes a leather down jacket, shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, denim an some sneakers.

Damn. I missed that down jacket last time it dropped. *calls Bape Store*

August 9th, 2010

Clae McQueen Fall/Winter 2010

Clae remixes their high top McQueen sneaker for Fall 2010. The wool option is definitely a nice touch. The leather accents make the shoe come together nicely as well. *Thumbs Up*